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IJSTR >> Volume 5 - Issue 9, September 2016 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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Simplex Method Linear Program Application In Process Of Transition To Reduce Use Of Products In Polyster Material In Indonesia

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Sukanta, Anwar Ilmar Ramadhan



Minimization, Total Material Usage, Simplex Method.



PT Asia Pacific Fibers Tbk is a leading polyester producer in Indonesia precisely in Karawang, West Java. Production produced namely chip Semmidull (SD) and Chip Super Bright (SBR) in the production process of the company cannot make a product Chip simultaneously or only producing one type of product and if there is a request to change the product it must go through a transition phase in advance, in every transitional phase requires considerable material or suboptimal use of raw materials. In this study using the Simplex method in an attempt to minimize the amount of material used up activities of the transition process to be optimal. Research was conducted on the transition process of polyester chips which is one of the production process flow which often experience obstacles - obstacles or activities - activities that do not add value so that a lot of unused material optimally. Based on the research that has been done by using the Simplex method with the optimum solution is obtained by focusing the use of materials amounted to 1.4274 Kg PTA and EG at 0.2632 Kg material so as to minimize the cost of material amounted Rp.111967, 72. Calculated starting from the beginning of the transition process that begins by setting the level of 0.27% until the establishment titan SBR chip. With the amount of use of the material is expected to be enough to meet the transition process products, and the company also benefited from the use of the amount of material standards can reduce the production costs of the process of transition, and taking into account the quality of the product that has become the rule, such as the levels of phosphorus in Chips SBR should appropriate that has been set at 25 + 5 ppm, and does not contain compounds TiO2 (titan) which can reduce the quality of the SBR Chips.



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