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IJSTR >> Volume 4 - Issue 10, October 2015 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Assessment Of Patient Problems Encountered With Total Hip Replacement At Baghdad Teaching Hospitals

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Faris Fauze Ahmed, Dr. Halima Yusuf Al-Rubaie



Keywords: Total hip replacement, physical problems, psychosocial problems.



Abstract: Background: Total hip replacements conduct highly effective in relieving pain dysfunction for patients who suffer from hip inflammation and a variety of reasons, however, after several decades of success in hip replacement there was also an increase in cases of fractures after you perform a detailed switch and attributed this The increase in the prevalence of a large fraction of the increase in the number of switch detailed and increasing age and poverty operations. Objectives: The study aims toAssess the pre operation physical and psychosocial problems of patients with total hip replacement. To Assess the post operation physical and psychosocial problems of patients with total hip replacement. To find out the relationship between pre _ post physical and psychosocial problems with (age, gender, duration of illness and type of operation). Design of the study: A descriptive design study was carried out in Nursing Home hospital and Ghazi AL-Hariri for specialized surgical hospitals starting from January, 13th 2015 to September, 1st 2015, The study Sample: A non- probability (purposive) sample of 50 patients undergoing total hip replacement surgery who have several problems before and after surgery. The study Instrument: The study instrument was composed of three parts which as socio demographic information was included; age group, gender, marital status, level of education, occupational, economic, part two consist of medical information was comprised of (7 ) items, and part three contain physical and psychosocial problems through Hamilton anxiety scale consist of 84 items. Validity and Reliability: The content validity of the instrument was established through a panel of (14) experts, the reliability of the items was based on the internal consistency of the questionnaire was assessed by calculating Cronbach s' Coefficient alpha which as= 0.73. Statistical Analysis: The researchers used the appropriate statistical methods for data analysis which include the descriptive data analysis, and inferential data analysis. Result: the findings revealed that the males that 54.0%, High percent of them 28.0% at 48-57 years old, 82.0% were married 38.0% of them at Graduated from primary school, 42.0% house wife, and majority of them 84.0% were high score of socio-economic status.



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