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IJSTR >> Volume 2- Issue 12, December 2013 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

The Quality Of Mass Transit Service In Abuja, Nigeria: An Analysis Of Customers Opinions.

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Nwaogbe Obioma, R., Ukaegbu, S.I, Ibe Calistus, C.



Index Terms: Urban-mass transit, efficiency, transport, and spatial analysis.



ABSTRACT: This study examines Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company (AUMTCO) and Nationwide Unity Transport Company's (NUTCO) service efficiency, passengers' perspectives and bus route deficiencies. The aim is to evaluate urban mass transit systems in Abuja and its transport problems of equitable bus service distribution to the masses in Abuja, Nigeria. The research uses efficiency indicators to evaluate the overall efficiency of the transport system quality in Abuja. It is observed that the current efficiency of the organized bus transit operators in Abuja is poor. There are service deficiencies in the areas of passengers' volume, vehicle kilometers and revenue generation, although the system is overstretched for the current fiscal and financial capacity, at the cost of quality. Structured questionnaires and past literature were used as sources of data. The primary data included road networks, number of trips per day by operators, operating speed, and purpose of travel, passengers' security, vehicle speed, and waiting time. The study was conducted by using two questionnaires: one for the operators and the other for tricycle users. The total number of completed questionnaires for the survey was 350 for users. The sampling technique used was random sampling from several zones of the study area. Data were analyzed using percentage and Chi-square statistical techniques for testing the hypotheses. The researcher observed that the operators of urban mass transit in the study area were operating at average of 6 trips per day. 43.49% of the respondents responded that they wait more than 15 minutes at the bus stops. The hypothesis test was used to study people's feelings about the attributes of the service provided for urban mass transit users, such as affordability, regularity, maintenance of arrival and departure time, comfort and safety. It was found that there are significant differences at the 5% level between the various categories of these respondents.



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