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IJSTR >> Volume 2- Issue 9, September 2013 Edition

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Photovoltaic Thermal System And Their Various Aspects: A Review

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Deepika chauhan, Sanjay Agarwal, Mahendra Kumar Suman



Key words: PV/Thermal types, different module concept, performance analysis, Technique aiding heat transfer, Exergoeconomic analysis, Overall exergy, Overall thermal energy.



Abstract: Due to rapidly growing market demand for solar Thermal and photovoltaic Electricity generation, there are lot of ideas coming up with the aim for a wide range of application including agriculture, processing plant and buildings. In the building sector the size of building space is limited for the accommodation of solar devices but on the other hand cooling of solar device is also necessary otherwise it will burn out due to excessive increase in temperature. In order to overcome all these disadvantages, use of hybrid solar technology for multigenerational of active power and/or passive devices has been implemented. This Paper Present a review of the literature available during the last decade on the PV/Thermal collector. The paper is presented in a way so as to cover the comparison of different types of collector on the basis of their Electrical as well as Thermal parameters. The review cover the different types PV/Thermal collector system i.e. flat plate and concentrating type in which the working medium is either liquid or air, numerical models and Analysis, work done by using different tool i.e. simulation and qualitative performance on the basis of Thermal and Electrical output. From the Literature survey it can be concluded that PV/Thermal are very promising Devices and there is a wider scope to improve their performance on the basis of efficiency and cost, making them more competitive in the market.



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