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IJSTR >> Volume 2- Issue 9, September 2013 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

The Possibility Of Implementing Of The Corporate Governance To Increase The Transparency And Disclosure In The Financial Statements

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Dr.Mohammad Farouq Shbool, Dr.Anas Ali Al-Qudah, Dr.Nawwaf Hamid Alfawaerah



Index Terms: Governance, Disclosure, Transparency, Bank’s Sector, Financial Statements, Governance principles, Auditing Firms.



Abstract: The banking industry the power of economic life because of their role and influence effectively in the development and management of the helm of the economic process on the global and local levels and in various fields of development and investment, given the position enjoyed by the industry, especially at the local level, the financial community calls for deployment of more detailed data for various economic activities, so it was of interest by management in banks, and the financial community to reconsider as it is published in the financial statements, as it has been demanding external auditor of the financial statements include in its report all documents and data necessary to disclose it, and the growing importance of disclosure keen professional institutions in the world to include all the standards issued by the special rules setting out the terms of the disclosure of information that should be available in the published financial statements, in order to provide a kind of international acceptance (International Acceptance) to those statements. And to prove the Materiality of this study, the searchers take two samples, the 1st one from the banks population & the 2nd one from the Auditing Firms which working in Jordan, for each sample was distributed a separate questionnaire as primary method to collect data, and we used the LIKART scale to test these data. This study shows that the bank's managers Believe in the main branches of the need for a direct application of the principles of corporate governance, controls and rules to reduce the misinformation contained in the accounting numbers & the bank's employees in low-level management are not familiar enough. The searchers leave some recommendations which will worth the next studies in this area and will be more beneficiary if it taken in the practice implementing.



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