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IJSTR >> Volume 1 - Issue 8, September 2012 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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Spectrum of HIV-TB Co-Infections In Paediatric Patients

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Basavarajaiah. D. M D. M., B. Narasimhamurthy, B. Leelavathy, Prabhakar B., Vidyashankar N., Mamatha K., Nirmala C., S. Sasthri






Abstract:- Tuberculosis (TB) is the most common AIDS-defining opportunistic infection worldwide. Tuberculosis co-infection with HIV is becoming a global emergency especially in India. Its diagnosis is notoriously challenging in countries, with poor resources and with limited diagnostic facilities. The main objective of the research study was to determine the prevalence, pattern and risk factors for TB in HIV co-infected children in Bowring and lady Curzon hospitals, India A cross sectional study, five years retrospective cohort of HIV- children co infected with TB was carried out at the Centre of excellence from April 2004 to Dec 2009. SAS-6.50 version software was used to analyze data. Univariate analysis was employed to draw the significant inference. Of a total of 60 HIV-infected children observed during the review period, 16(26.66%) were diagnosed as having co-existing TB. Among these, their mean age, weight, CD4 cell count and CD4 percentage at the time of diagnosis were 6.3 2.4 years, 14.3 3.4 kg, 262 28.0 cells/ml, and 9.9%, respectively. Pulmonary TB accounted for 14.60% of all TB cases seen, while disseminated form was seen in 3.00%, TBM (5.0%) and TB Bone (2.5%). TB defaulter at 2 months, six months and eight months was 0.86%, 1.10% and 2.56% respectively. Weight loss, severe cough was the clinical features found to have a fairly good sensitivity (88.9%) and specificity (88.6%) for TB in co-infected children (No censored data), with a positive predictive value of 23.0%. While immune reconstitution syndrome (IRIS) occurred in 3 (5.00%) of the patients, two death (3.34%) was recorded among the co-infected children. HAART initiation with low CD4 count is highly associated (r=0.75) with TB. The logistic regression model is very easy to predict the relation between CD4 count and HIV-TB co infection.



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