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Nov 2018 to May 2020


IJSTR >> Volume 10 - Issue 8, August 2021 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Village-Owned Enterprise (Bumdesa) Optimization In East Kutai Regency, Indonesia

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Adi Hendro Purnomo, Eka Nor Santi



Village-Owned Enterprise, BUMDesa, Optimization, Pull-push factors, Management, Strategy, Business.



This study aims to conduct a study of the optimization strategies of BUMDesa in East Kutai Regency. The research was conducted through interviews and focus group discussions with stakeholders. The analysis carried out a qualitative approach. BUMDesa optimization is carried out by external environment opportunities through improving external environment (pull-push factors). The results of analysis found that: generally, BUMDesa has various weaknesses in the technical and management aspects. The results of analysis obtained two main strategies: First, in terms of pull factors, BUMDesa needs to be 'attractive' economically, socially and environmentally to attract many parties to involve. This concept recommends strengthening the best practices on BUMDesa in East Kutai. The best practices are identified, chosen, strengthened as branding strategies so as to attract local, national and even global communities to BUMDesa in East Kutai which then can inspire other BUMDesa (webbing), so that the establishment of BUMDesa, training and mentoring are no longer a formality, but can also encourage an active, independent and sustainable learning and development. Secondly, in terms of driving factors, human resources (HR) available in the villages, which generally have low education and capacity, need facilities to facilitate them in participating in BUMDesa. In addition to capacity building that has been carried out so far, it is necessary to add applications that facilitate BUMDesa businessmen in managing business. The facilitating facilities can be printed or electronic modules to help administrators and managers of BUMDesa, such as: identification of village potential, preparation of business plan, cooperation offer, marketing plan, preparation of cooperation proposals, capital support, and preparation of village financial reports.



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