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Nov 2018 to May 2020


IJSTR >> Volume 8 - Issue 7, July 2019 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Uniserial Dimension Of Module Over Using Python

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Arifin S., Garminia H.



Uniserial dimension, module over , Python



Recently, the notion of the uniserial dimension of a module over a commutative ring that measures of how far the module deviates from being uniserial was introduced by Nazemian in 2014. In this article, we give some methods to determine the uniserial dimension of a finitely generated primary module over a principal ideal domain, especially using Python. It is well known that finitely generated primary modules over a principal ideal domain can be decomposed as a direct sum of finite cyclic submodules where the orders of the cyclic generators are called the elementary divisors of the module. We show that is depends on prime factorization of m and n.



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