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IJSTR >> Volume 5 - Issue 7, July 2016 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Difficulties Of Self-Learning To The Open Arab University Students In The Sultanate Of Oman From The Perspective Of The Students

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Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Ali, Dr. Kirembwe Rashid Abdulhamed, Muhanna Sulaiman Al-Kindi





This study aimed to reveal the most important difficulties that hinder the Arab Open University in Oman students for the practice of self-learning method in their studies has been rated difficulties to the three pillars, namely: difficulties related to students and the skills of self-learning, and difficulties related to teachers and methods of teaching, and difficulties related to the curriculum and learning resources and after the application of the study of the identification of the difficulties tool (200) of university student's (697) study concluded that many of the results that were notably: that the difficulties related to students and the skills of self-learning more difficulties impeding the exercise of self-learning compared to the difficulties related to the other two mentioned and the students' ability to connect and communicate, and to evaluate themselves and correct educational careers, and their ability to control their behavior and direct their activities toward self-learning are more difficulties influential and disability for students on their ability to exercise self-learning in their study of the Arab open University, and as for the axis of teachers and teaching methods has shown results weakness encourage teachers to students to apply and practice this kind of learning and focus on traditional methods and weak development of skills for self-learning is one of the more difficulties that limit the exercise of the students of this method of learning, and for the focus of the curriculum and learning resources has shown results of the study that the lack of educational software miscellaneous, non-availability of electronic research base and lack of stimulating courses on the exercise of self-learning method is one of the most difficulties that hinder students' ability to exercise self-learning.



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