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IJSTR >> Volume 2- Issue 7, July 2013 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Synthesis, Physiochemical Studies And Antimicrobial Screening Of Metal Complexes Of Fe(III) & Au(III) With Amino Acids.

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Md. Anwar Hossain, M. Saidul Islam, Md. Ashraful Alam, Tipu Sultan



Key words: Antibacterial, antifungal, Imides, 8-HQ, Amino acids, Metal complexes, 1H NMR and DMSO



Abstract: Mixed ligand complexes of Iron(III) and Au(III) with succinimide or 8-hydroxyquinoline as primary ligands and amino acids as secondary ligands have been synthesized. The general formula of these complexes are follows: K[Fe(L)2(L′)2] & [Au(Q)( L′)] where L= C4H4O2N(1-5), Q= C9H6NO (6-10); L′=C6H12NO2 (1,9), C6H10N2O4S2(2,6), C3H6O2NS(3), C3H6NO3 (4,7), C9H10O2N (5,8). The complexes were prepared in the solid form and characterization by elemental analysis, conductivity, magnetic moment measurement, IR, 1H NMR and electronic spectroscopic studies. The antibacterial and antifungal activities of the ligand and metal complexes have also been investigated. The value of 10 Dq was found to be 12250-13965 cm-1 for all complexes. The value of B, β and ligand field stabilization energy have also been calculated from the bands obtained in the electronic spectra of the complexes. Electronic and other measurements confirmed their octahedral and square planar structures. The metal complexes showed stronger antibacterial and antifungal activities than the ligand



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