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IJSTR >> Volume 6 - Issue 6, June 2017 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Tailoring The Conducting Polymers (PPY And PANI) With Ionic Liquid [BMIM][Br] For Enhanced Electrochromic Properties

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Barkat Ul-ain, Saadia Aftab, Asima Siddiqa, Safeer Ahmed, Sara Qaisar



Ionic liquid, Polyaniline, Polypyrrol, ionogel, electrochromic, transmission, conductivity



Conservation of energy is the biggest need of the hour for developing countries. Smart windows with electrochromic characteristics can be one of the solutions for power shortfall. In this study ionic liquid [BMIM][Br] is successfully synthesized by the reflux method. Ionogels comprising of ionic liquid and polymers (Polyaniline and Polypyrrol) were electrochemically deposited by galvanostatic methods. These films are structurally characterized by XRD and SEM. Concentration of monomer and ionic liquid was changed in order to study the effect on electrochemical and electrochromic properties. The electrochromic character was analyzed by optical studies and colour change was evident at different potentials. To further investigate the electron transport properties, electrical conductivity studies were carried out. In a nutshell different parameters are studied with respect to concentration and temperature, so that best material could be obtained showing high optical contrast and stability. Taking these studies in account an effective electrochromic device can be fabricated.



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