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IJSTR >> Volume 1 - Issue 6, July 2012 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Variability of Soil Physical Conditions Along A Slope As Influenced By Bush Burning In Acid Sands.

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Edem, I. D, U.C. Udoinyang, S.O. Edem



Index Terms: Slash-and-burn, slope, modification, soil properties, changes, soil productivity, infiltration



Abstract The experiment was conducted at University of Uyo Teaching and Research Farm to evaluate slash and burn method of land clearing which is an integral part of the traditional farming system and is widely used as a mean of land clearing to pave way to minimum or zero tillage. A plot of land measuring 720 m2 on a slope of 7 % was used, divided into six plots, each measuring 40 x 3m2 in the burnt and unburnt plots, with a landscape position described as the upper slope, middle slope and valley bottom. Progressively, fire was set into three out of the six plots. And soil samples collected in the respective burnt and un-burnt plots at two depths of 0.15 m and 0.30 m for soil physical properties analysis in the upper slope, middle slope and valley bottom. Descriptive statistics within the plots showed that variability was high in the three landscape positions in the burnt plot, while in the unburnt plots variability was moderate. In paired samples correlation analysis, the relationship between the baseline and weight of soil parameters after burning were not statistically significant, except silt contents (r = 0.999) (p<0.05) with almost a perfect correlation, unlike the other measured or determined parameters where changes were not consistent.



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