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IJSTR >> Volume 6 - Issue 5, May 2017 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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Mobile-Based Medical Health Application - Medi-Chat App

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Mustapha Adamu Mohammed, Anibrika S.K. Bright, Christ Apostolic, Franklin Degadzor Ashigbe, Clement Somuah



Mobile, Android, Google, Programming, Health



The aftermath of the development and implementation of the Android operating system and its associated Application Programming Interfaces(API) by Google culminated in the development more mobile device-enabled applications designed for our day-to-day businesses and personal use, however in recent times we are experiencing a massive revolution in the use of mobile technology in the health sectors of our economy and this revolution is termed as Mobile Health Technology (MHT).This new technological breakthrough has enabled the development of powerful android applications that enabled people tract and monitor the treat of heart and kidney related diseases as well as the monitoring and evaluation certain drug prescriptions. It has also changed the way we communicate with our specialist doctors from phone, text to mobile-based communication. All these interventions provided by MHT have drastically increased the efficient and effective provision of health care delivery on one side and providing a common platform for prospective patients to easily interact with health professionals for medical advice and subsequent treatment of their diseases. Moreover, In Ghana It would provide a much efficient and cost effective way of improving health-care methodologies in this 21st century which is characterized by information and communication technology. In this paper, the main goal is to develop a mobile health application that provides common platform prospective patients and specialist doctors give free consultation and health tips on health related conditions thereby reducing the difficulty and challenges uncounted in accessing free medical health care at the already overburdened hospitals, polyclinics and health centers in Ghana.



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