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IJSTR >> Volume 3- Issue 5, May 2014 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

Website: http://www.ijstr.org

ISSN 2277-8616

An Alternative Model Of Virtualization Based Intrusion Detection System In Cloud Computing

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Partha Ghosh, Ria Ghosh, Ruma Dutta



Index Terms: Cloud Computing, Cloud Service Provider(CSP), Host based Intrusion Detection System(HIDS), Intrusion Detection System(IDS), IDS Controller, Network based Intrusion Detection System(NIDS), Third Party, Virtualization.



Abstract: The massive jumps in technology led to the expansion of Cloud Computing as the most accepted medium for communication but it has also increased the scope of attacks as well. So security has become a major issue for Cloud Computing. In this paper we proposed a single IDS Controller creating and managing multiple instances for each user. A multithreaded NIDS protects the cloud efficiently and avoids the traffic congestion for large volume of data. In order to detect encrypted and fragmented data, HIDS is also deployed in the hypervisor for detailed monitoring over Server. Analyzing all the alerts, IDS Controller generates a final report to Cloud Service Provide and an alert report to the cloud user with the help of a Third Party monitoring and advisory service. Our proposed model provides a virtualized environment to protect the Cloud efficiently from vulnerabilities.



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