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IJSTR >> Volume 1 - Issue 4, May 2012 Edition

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Harpreet Singh Chawla, M. I. H. Ansari, Ashish Kumar, Prashant Singh Yadav



Mobile Adhoc Networks, Transmission control protocol, Mobility, Destination-Sequenced Distance-Vector, Wireless Routing Protocol, TCP Feedback, TCP Explicit Link Failure Notification, TCP Detection of Out-of-Order and Response



TCP, Transmission control protocol which is mainly used in the wired network to provide process to process or end to end delivery of data. This protocol is mainly known because of its feature of providing a reliable delivery of packets from source to the destination due to this capability researchers are always interested in deploying it over Mobile Adhoc Networks but while deploying TCP on MANET they faces many problems. To overcome these problems, lots of variants and improvements had been proposed and a lot of work is going on. In this paper we just try to first put some light on the various issues faced while deploying TCP over MANET and then some of the improvements techniques proposed so far.



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