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IJSTR >> Volume 5 - Issue 4, April 2016 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Study On Technology Based Home Vision Screening And Creating Awareness On Eye Health

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Nirav Mehta



Technology, Vision, Screening, Awareness, Eye Health, Ipad, Home



Introduction: Technology is one of most important factor in today’s life. IPAD is leading as people can make use of technology by just pressing buttons. Networking, technology and education makes communication easier and helps people in easy education and awareness. Aim & objectives: The main aim of the study is to educate and aware among people regarding eye health and the check the visual function of their eye by using Apple I pad. Material and Methodology: The following study is a home based vision screening program [using IPAD] which uses the basic tests like visual acuity, color vision, contrast sensitivity and amsler tests for checking the basic functions of the eye. The study was performed in many societies moving from one place to another using IPAD as a tool. Reliability of ipad was checked, a pilot study on 25 subjects visual acuity, colour vision and contrast sensitivity was taken on both ipad and Original chart like snellen , ishihara and pellirobson and compared in which the results and the accuracy were same. The study also contains questionnaire on the awareness and education about eye health. The subjects included in the study were an age group of 10 to 70. Subjects like infants and blind were not included in the study. Results: During the study it was observed that there is no significant difference in testing of visual acuity between ipad and Snellen standard chart. The subjects responded actively towards screening and that home vision screening can be possible. During the study it was found that 40 subjects out of 100 needed further detailed check-up and were referred in Rotary eye hospital hospital but only 3 out of 40 came for it. This shows that they are less aware and education about their eye health. Software used in IPAD were visual acuity, color vision, contrast sensitivity and amsler tests A questionnaire was also asked which indicated less awareness among the common people. Conclusion: We examined with just an ipad and not an expensive piece of clinical equipment. Extremely simple to use not very expensive and freely available everywhere. The technology is within the reach for everyone and can be personalised differently for everyone to suit their specific needs. Technology and education always move hand in hand for best and easiest learning education system. We can conclude that it is very valuable for patients who are bedridden, very old age and young child can be tested at home with this technology.



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