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IJSTR >> Volume 8 - Issue 5, May 2019 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Mandailing Cultural Values In Local Genius Umpasa: Native Speakersí Perception

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Khairina Nasution



Cultural values, Local wisdom, Local genius, Umpasa, Mandailing.



This study aims to explain the Indigenous Mandailing Cultural Values In Local Genius/Local Wisdom Umpasa the Perception of the native speakers. Umpasa is one of the oral traditions in Mandailing community which can be grouped in the form of a long poem. The concept of value in umpasa serves to illustrate the culture inherent in Mandailing community in the form of suggestions, prohibitions, the guidelines for action that should be maintained because it is positively charged in determining the attitude of life. Umpasa found, among others, shows (1) the relationship with God (2) the relationship between humans (3) a bad attitude (4) a strong determination and aspiration (5) attitude or outlook on life. Umpasa can be used to anticipate the shift in cultural values that apparently began to wane among the younger generation of Mandailing due to globalization.



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