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IJSTR >> Volume 11 - Issue 01, January 2022 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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Fayez Sayer Al Mutairi – Ameen Abdulkareem Alansari



Chillers, Cooling System, Energy Saving , Face velocity , Power, AHU, Efficiency.



Operating air conditioning and refrigeration systems consume great amount of electrical power in buildings and industrial plants . According to energy ministry in the state of Kuwait , equipment power consumption spends more than 45% on HVAC operation “Ref [ 1 ] “ . This energy spend is going to rise as industrial developments and population growth over coming years . This study discuss the different ways to reduce energy demand by AHU used as an essential part of the cooling system . The main study points on steps which can save significant amount of power and reduces consumption are to minimize air leakage from unit casing and a proper sizing and selection of AHU components such as fans, motors , coils filters and dampers .Results showed that energy reduction of air leakage decreased up to (6 %) , and fans, motors, coil and filters decreases up to (9%) .It is concluded the result of resizing the internal components and improvement of AHU performance cannot be ignored .



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