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IJSTR >> Volume 7 - Issue 1, January 2017 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Practical Of Syariah Pawn (Rahn) In Fatwa Of National Shariah Board -Indonesia Ulama Council (Case Study At Syariah Indonesia National Bank (Bni)

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Windy Indah Yulianda, Dr. Muhammad Syaifullah



Shariah Pawn (Rahn) and Fatwa of National Sharia Board (DSN)-Indonesia Ulama Council (MUI)



The background of this research is the combination of qardh and ijarah contracts, and the calculation of the cost of rent place done by syariah bank with equal 2% per month from the loan debt value. This research is a qualitative research, the type of research is fieldresearch as for the method used is descriptive method. Research Sites at BNI Syariah in Pontianak City, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Data source is primary data, that is data obtained by through interview and observation in BNI Syariah. Secondary data, ie data reports and documents related to research.Teknik and Data Collection Tools, data collection through observation techniques, interviews, documentation and field notes. Data Analysis Techniques, namely reduction, data display and data verification and conclusion. Technique of Data Validity Inspection with member check technique and triangulation. The results of research are 1) the practice of syariah pawn in BNI Syariah can be quite good, based on interview result of the researcher to the resource person. The first thing done by the customers is to come to the sharia bank by bringing the lien of gold, after which the customer fill out the filing form and make the contract to the sharia bank. After all the requirements are submitted to the bank, the bank will realize the submission and the customer will get the financing; 2) Maintenance and storage costs of Marhun are determined based on the loan amount. The determination of tariffs and maintenance fees is determined by the value of the loan as well as the estimated gold. As it is known that in the application of Fatwa DSN MUI No: 25 / DSN-MUI / III / 2002 has not fulfilled the gold mortgage agreement.



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